IoT SIM Cards – First Choice for Remote Monitoring Solutions

The role of IOT SIM Cards in IoT is significant

Case Study: Remote Monitoring Solution with IoT SIM Cards

Project Overview

CommsCloud recently partnered with a client to implement a remote monitoring solution designed to monitor the health of batteries and track them if stolen, leveraging IoT SIM Cards on the GSM network. The project required a robust and tamper-resistant solution, leading to the integration of embedded SIMs (eSIM Cards) into the battery units. Given the uncertainty of the deployment locations across Africa, the IoT SIM cards needed to be exceptionally durable, heat-resistant, and tamper-proof.

By partnering with floLIVE and using their unique patented SIM applet and remote SIM provisioning capability, CommsCloud also ensured we delivered a single SKU covering the entire African continent, enabling remote management and dynamic coverage adjustments to manage costs effectively.

Testing and Deployment of IoT Device

Two different SIM card options were tested over a four-month period. Initially, embedded IoT SIM cards were preferred due to their tamper-resistant properties. However, based on feedback from the client and their hardware supply partners, the decision was made to switch to industrial-grade nano SIMs. These SIMs provided the necessary robustness while being more adaptable to the client’s specific hardware requirements for this use case.

Solution Implementation using IoT SIM Cards

By utilizing CommsCloud’s CloudConnect IoT SIM solution, the client gained several advantages:

  • Remote Management: The ability to manage IoT SIM cards remotely eliminated the need for physical replacements, simplifying logistics and maintenance.
  • Single SKU Flexibility: One SKU for all African devices ensured consistent connectivity and reduced complexity.
  • Cost-Effective Modem: Using an affordable modem tailored to the client’s device of choice further optimized the solution’s cost-efficiency.
  • High Uptime and Resiliency: Ensuring reliable connectivity regardless of the deployment location.

Outcomes and Benefits

The implementation of industrial-grade nano SIMs, paired with CommsCloud’s CloudConnect IoT SIM Card solution, provided the client with:

  • Seamless Connectivity: Ensuring the devices remained connected, regardless of their geographical deployment.
  • Flexible Commercial Terms: Paying only for the data consumed, thus optimizing operational costs.
  • Resilient Operations: High uptime and resilient connectivity are crucial for remote monitoring of battery health and theft tracking.


This case study highlights the importance of selecting the right IoT SIM Card solution to meet specific project needs. By choosing CommsCloud’s CloudConnect IoT SIM Card solution, the client achieved seamless remote management, flexible commercial terms, and high resilience, ensuring their connectivity requirements were efficiently met across diverse and unpredictable environments.

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