IoT CELLULAR DATA CONNECTIVITY: Deploy once, for global coverage

Along with our floSIM, secure Core IoT Network and compliant Global Connectivity that makes a difference in your daily life, CommsCloud offer you the opportunity to take control of every single aspect of your connectivity requirements.

Whether you are an IoT vendor, ISP or vMNO we are able to;

  • provide you with access to over 500 MNOs across over 194 countries
  • provide uniformity of visibility, support, billing and management control – no matter which mobile network you are connected to in any country in the world – through a single pane of glass.
  • tailor make technology solutions that enables your business to scale and manage your connectivity needs.
  • build mobile private networks and secure APN’s globally.
  • deliver next generation IoT sim cards with patented sim applet software for autonomous IMSI and mobile network operator switching.
  • provide plastic, embedded or integrated sim cards.
  • ensure your devices are autonomously switching between multiple profiles, to ensure coverage, availability, low costs, and supreme quality of service.
  • provide over-the-air capability for sim management and provisioning at zero cost.
  • provide access to globally compliant connectivity via our commercial relationships with global SIM providers and their network of mobile network operators.
  • offer you insights and drill down into the sim card behaviour on a radio access network layer.
  • Our billing model is IoT focussed – not voice and data.
  • No Operator Lock-in, No Bundles and No Contract.
  • The ability to use prepaid or post-paid billing models.

SIM CARDS IN ANY FORMAT: Simple & Easy IoT Connectivity in one or multiple countries

We understand the importance of multi-IMSI technology for IoT devices. Which is why we offer floSIM – our unique SIM Technology providing ease of use and peace of mind.

More advanced and more cost-effective than eUICC solutions, floSIM is patented technology for RSP (Remote SIM Provisioning), and is targeted at IoT service providers looking for more flexibility and control, without the heavy price tag associated with eUICC-based solutions.

And our Over the Air provisioning capability means that when the connectivity or costing landscape changes, or your use case adjusts to current market demands, we are able to pick and choose appropriate IMSI’s to inject on your SIM, as long as it is connected!

How is floSIM different?

Lower Bandwidth –
floSIM manages IMSIs rather than SIM profiles. This results in a lower footprint on the SIM and much less bandwidth when downloading new IMSIs.

Autonomous Switching –
Set your own pre-defined business rules and floSIM will do the rest. When you come up against coverage gaps, or your devices lose connectivity, autonomous switching finds an alternate network so that you’re always on.

Zero Transaction Fees –
Low bandwidth means data charges for downloading IMSIs are much lower than you might have seen with another solution, plus floSIM works without any transaction fees. Just another benefit over eUICC-based platforms.

Unique Device Protection – floSIM powered by floLIVE’s highly secure core network, and with its patented security technology, offers truly ironclad data and device protection.

Ready to Scale – As a highly efficient solution, floSIM supports global manufacturers with their specific roadmaps. This can span to even millions of units deployed at scale and speed.

SIM MANAGEMENT PLATFORM: Manage your SIM real estate with ease

MANAGE & MONITOR OUR SIMs: Having the right connectivity management platform not only allows network users to manage and monitor their IoT deployments in the field, but also enables initial device connectivity visibility into IoT data and a wide range of additional connectivity solutions. Your connectivity management platform needs to juggle a lot of balls, and as the customer you want all of this information in a single place with as few stops in the way for heavy set-up, high Capex and lengthy integrations.

With our Connectivity Management Platform for the floSIM, the technology is holistic so all of these building blocks come together into a single dashboard. You automatically have access to devices’ activity and state, their data consumptions and limits, which APNs are configured to which groups of SIMs, the status of SI profiles and even specific information, whether that’s roaming configurations or the type of rate plan or billing pool the devices belong to. With all this information coming in from a single source, you can set smart alerts, control exactly how you do business, and benefit from robust analysis and intelligence, without adding cost or resources at the critical early stage where most important thing is lowering risk and getting speedier time to market.

• Dashboard
• Sim Management
• Billing and Billing Plan Management
• Child Accounts / Management of your clients • Event Management
• Rules and Alerting
• Reporting
• Settings

COMMSCLOUD IOT SIM MANAGER: And if you have legacy SIM real estate with single MNO’s, we can also provide you with a single pane of glass for both your legacy single MNO SIMs and our multi-IMSI SIMs.

ICT INFRASTRUCTURE TOOLKIT: Get views into your ICT infrastructure that provides more control

ICT Infrastructure Toolkit

  • Detailed Site Design

  • Data Mining & Analytics

  • Benchmarking

  • Cost Savings Analysis

  • Billing Reconciliation

CommsCloud’s infrastructure toolkit is designed to fill the information gaps in knowledge between your business and your suppliers; empowering project managers, administrators, management and solution architects and support teams to better understand your ICT infrastructure environment. Whilst reducing the monthly overhead (people and time) of managing your ICT costs.

MANAGEMENT PLATFORMS & INTEGRATION: Because you can’t manage what you can’t measure

Management Platforms and Integration

  • Business Intelligence for ICT Infrastructure

  • Sim Management with integration,
    billing, user and device management, network functionality and reporting

  • Policy-based user management & reporting for all ICT requirements

  • Cloud-based Project Management

CommsCloud offer our clients a variety of opportunities to integrate to a central point and automate the management and reporting on ICT infrastructure.

PROCUREMENT & SOURCING: Optimise connected workplaces with ease

Procurement and Sourcing

  • Network Migrations. MPLS to SDWAN

  • Last Mile, Internet Breakout & point-to-point

  • Voice and Omni-channel

  • Cloud

  • Security. Devices & Servers. Virtual or hardware.