Is Your Multi IMSI SIM Card Solution Truly Multi IMSI?

by Luigi Capobianco | floLIVE 

Global IoT businesses demand seamless connectivity across borders, necessitating access to reliable, high-performance network coverage wherever operations extend. Multi-IMSI SIMs emerge as a potent solution, yet many users mistakenly assume they are leveraging a multi-IMSI solution when crucial benefits elude them.

Why Connecting via Local Networks Matters

IoT devices have reshaped connectivity dynamics. Unlike consumer devices tethered to a single region or briefly venturing elsewhere, IoT devices crisscross multiple countries or regions. Consider logistics or telematics scenarios where sensors monitor cargo across various locations or fleets perpetually shuttle between destinations. Traditional roaming arrangements cater well to consumer devices returning to home networks within days or weeks but prove insufficient for IoT devices.

Enterprises sought direct connections with local mobile network operators (MNOs) in operational regions to circumvent this. This strategy enables devices to connect to local operators, bypassing costly roaming agreements or the need to return to a home network.

However, this approach introduced a new hurdle: establishing relationships with numerous MNOs across diverse regions necessary for cellular IoT connectivity.

One SIM Card, Multiple Profiles

It became apparent that connected devices required a single Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) to function optimally. These devices are often deployed without a fixed location or regularly move between locations, making physical SIM swaps impractical.

Enter the multi-profile SIM solution. This innovation allows businesses to provision multiple profiles on a single SIM card, each representing a different carrier or location. Each profile is associated with an International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI). Through a single multi-IMSI SIM card, businesses can deploy devices worldwide. You may have encountered the term eUICC (Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card), the GSMA standard for multi-profile SIM usage. A single SIM card accommodates multiple IMSIs, enabling businesses to switch between profiles to optimise coverage and reduce costs.

While multi-IMSI SIM technology addresses global connectivity challenges, not all multi-IMSI SIM cards offer the same functionality.

Introducing Multi-IMSI Connectivity with a Single SKU

If your current multi-IMSI solution involves partnerships with multiple operators and lacks transparency regarding network events and device data, it’s time to reassess.

At CommsCloud, through the partnership with floLIVE, our customers gain access to global connectivity through a single SIM without the need to engage individually with operators. Devices can seamlessly connect to local networks worldwide, leveraging our innovative cloud-based connectivity management platform and utilising our integrations with over 15 mobile operators. Instead of relying on MNOs’ core networks, benefit from floLIVE’s end-to-end ownership of the tech stack, including our localised core networks for optimal performance, real-time billing system with a flexible rating engine, and SIM Management suite for comprehensive visibility and control.

Furthermore, if you prefer eUICC compatibility, floLIVE seamlessly integrates into the first profile of an eUICC SIM, allowing access to all our IMSIs without the hassle of individual operator engagements. This offers the flexibility to utilise our single SKU solution while retaining the option to switch providers in the long run.

floLIVE’s Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) gives the user real-time insights into data usage, network events, and more. In response to anomalies, such as security events or misuse, immediate action can be taken, ensuring end-to-end security enforcement across your device fleet globally.

Unlike traditional multi-network solutions, a genuine multi-IMSI SIM empowers autonomous carrier switching based on factors like latency or cost considerations. This grants you complete control without relinquishing autonomy to MNOs or other stakeholders, resulting in more intelligent troubleshooting, streamlined logistics, and scalable operations tailored to your needs.

Ensure Your Multi-IMSI Isn’t a Multi-headache

Utilising standards like eUICC or multi-network profiles alone may not suffice if you seek to maintain flexibility, visibility, and control over your global connectivity journey. For true global connectivity without operational complexities, rely on a single vendor with extensive local operator relationships worldwide.

floLIVE simplifies the process by offering one vendor a vast network of local operator partnerships, enabling devices to access coverage globally via a single SIM. Coupled with our centralised connectivity management platform, managing your connectivity becomes effortless.

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