CloudConnect – an Unique IoT SIM Card Technology

Enhancing IoT Connectivity with CloudConnect Simcard

Our CloudConnect SIM cards represent a significant leap forward in IoT connectivity technology.

Utilising the IoT SaaS technology provided by our technology provider floLIVE, and their patented technology for Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP), these cards offer a more cost-effective and secure alternative to traditional eUICC solutions, providing seamless global coverage with a single SKU.

What Makes our CloudConnect SIM cards Different?

CloudConnect SIM cards are designed to streamline the management of IoT devices across the globe. Here’s how they stand out:

– Lower Bandwidth: Unlike traditional methods that manage entire SIM profiles, CloudConnect SIM cards focus on managing International Mobile Subscriber Identities (IMSI). This approach results in a smaller digital footprint on the SIM and significantly reduced bandwidth requirements for downloading new IMSIs, enhancing overall efficiency.

– Autonomous Switching: CloudConnect SIM cards enable autonomous switching between networks. Users can set predefined business rules, and the system automatically finds an alternative network during coverage gaps or connectivity losses, ensuring consistent service.

– Zero Transaction Fees: The streamlined data transfer for IMSI downloads means that data charges are much lower than those associated with traditional SIM solutions. Furthermore, CloudConnect SIM cards operate without transaction fees, presenting a substantial cost advantage over eUICC-based platforms.

– Unique Device Protection: While powered by a highly secure core network, CloudConnect SIM cards employ patented security technology from floLIVE to provide robust protection for your data and devices. This unparalleled security ensures your IoT devices are safeguarded against cyber threats.

– Ready to Scale: CloudConnect SIM cards are built for scalability. Whether your project involves hundreds or millions of devices, CloudConnect can support your needs efficiently and rapidly, using a single SKU for global deployment. This capability makes it ideal for enterprises looking to scale their operations without complications.

Benefits of Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP)

Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) is a key feature of the CloudConnect SIM cards. RSP allows for over-the-air SIM profile management, including updating and switching IMSI, without the need to physically access the SIM card. This technology not only simplifies logistics but also reduces operational costs, making it invaluable for managing large-scale IoT deployments.

The Role of CloudConnect SIM cards in IoT Security and Connectivity

CommsCloud offers a comprehensive suite of IoT connectivity solutions designed to meet the unique challenges of modern IoT ecosystems. Utilising floLIVE’s SaaS-delivered technology and integrating advanced security measures, CommsCloud IoT solutions provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring that all data transmitted across the network is secure from end to end.


Choosing the right connectivity solution is crucial as the Internet of Things expands. CloudConnect SIM cards offer a versatile, secure, and cost-effective alternative to traditional connectivity methods, with features that address the core challenges of IoT deployments. With their innovative approach to SIM card management and commitment to security, CloudConnect SIM cards are setting a new standard for global IoT connectivity.

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